Alan Sutphen Pt 2

Every christian is gifted by God to serve Him. Find out how Alan and his family serve, on the next UNSHACKLED!

Alan Sutphen

As a boy Alan could have died but was spared. Find out how God delivered him, on the next UNSHACKLED!

Kimberly Pt 2

Cancer is an enemy. On the next UNSHACKLED! hear how Kimberly was victorious, even in her fight with this dreaded disease.


When you lose someone you love, you feel great loss and longing. Find out what happened to Kimberly, on the next UNSHACKLED!

Arthur Gordon Classic Pt 2

As a young pastor Art is struck with polio and eventually became paralyzed. Find out how faith conquers even in adversity on the next UNSHACKLED!

Arthur Gordon Classic

Art's mom and granddad come to Christ, but he would have none of that. He went his own way. But his way came up empty. Find out how he finally went the right way, on the next UNSHACKLED!

Jonathan Yuuki Hayashi

Growing up in an abusive home Jonathan became hateful and rebellious. Find out how he was changed, on the next UNSHACKLED!


Abandoned by her mother and abused in foster homes, Collie grew up angry and bitter. But healing came! Find out how on the next UNSHACKLED!

Pearlene Willis Pt 2

How does a woman run a day-care center in a neighborhood of drugs and violence? Listen to Pearl's exciting story, on the next UNSHACKLED!

Pearlene Willis

Growing up, Pearl fell in with the wrong crowd, was abused, then rebelled. But she was set free. Find out how on the next UNSHACKLED!

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