Our Mission,Truth and Worldview Pt. 2

Our Mission,Truth and Worldview

Our Mission,Truth and Life Change

Our Mission,Truth Pt. 2

Our Mission,Truth Pt. 1

The Case For Christ

The case for faith is indeed strong. The evidence is overwhelming in favor of the existence of God, of the reliability of the Bible, and of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let’s learn some final lessons on this today.

The Power of Faith Pt. 2

If you need to investigate the claims of Christ, investigate. That is a good thing. But you must realize that at some point you will need to make a choice for or against him.

The Power of Faith Pt. 1

Without God, there is no basis for morality and justice among people. Without God, we are left only with preferences and there is no right or wrong.

Can Christians Have Doubt Pt. 2

There are many causes of doubt about the truthfulness of Christianity. Let’s learn more about them today and how to overcome them.

Can Christians Have Doubt Pt. 1

Were the heroes of the faith born that way? Did they ever have doubts? Do you ever have doubts about God? Is it possible to be a Christian and have doubts?

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