Can I Trust God Pt. 1

“If the God of the Bible commands that innocent women and children be killed, how can I trust him? How can I trust the bible?”

If Evolution is True, Why Do We Need God

If evolution is true, why do we need God?

Do Miracles Contradict Science Pt. 2

It is not a question so much about miracles as it is a question about God because if God exists then miracles are no problem. What are the evidences for God? Let’s learn some today.

Do Miracles Contradict Science Pt. 1

We are told that miracles contradict science. Therefore, miracles cannot exist and the stories we read in the Gospel are false? Is this true. Let’s learn about this today as we continue Tough Questions for Today’s Christians.

If God is Good, Why Pt. 3

God allows suffering and evil, not because he is weak or indifferent but because his way, the only way of dealing with it is through the cross of Christ that forgives, justifies, cleanses, and makes people new. God destroys the evil but saves the person.

If God is Good, Why Pt. 2

To create a world with love, God had to give humans the ability to love him which also meant they had the ability not to love him. Today, let’s learn more about the question of why evil and suffering exist in God’s good world.

If God is Good, Why Pt. 1

If God is a loving, all powerful God, why does he allow evil and suffering to exist?

Is It Enough To Be Like Jesus?

Is It Enough To Be Like Jesus?

Not Quick Tempered, Just Quick

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