The Lampstand To The World

It is God who creates lampstands, and He does so with people, churches, and nations. That which He creates is for the purpose of revealing, or showing forth, His blessed light to the world, that with the knowledge of the truth, and the glory of God, many will come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

The Keeper Of Our Souls

How is it that the believer can believe God to be his Keeper, the Keeper of his soul, as well as the One who keeps him in life? It is because of the commitment of God to the believer, and the proof of His faithfulness to keep that which is His. Add to this the Almighty power and authority of God over all the power of the enemy, even death itself. He is the only perfect Keeper of the soul.

The Hope That Endures

Hope that is of God and in God, is a very powerful means for enduring the difficult thing. Why? It is because it is founded IN God, and according to the will of God. God will accomplish that which He has promised, for He is faithful. One can endure when one knows for certain, according to the faithfulness of God, that He will work wonderfully.

Standing Up To Hear God's Voice

Attentiveness is key to hearing what God by His Spirit speaks to us. If we would hear Christ's voice, by the Spirit, then we need to be both sill and expectant, relying wholly upon God to work by the Spirit. This He will do if He can find one who is willing to receive His word for God's glory.

God's Confirmation Of Peace

God is a God of peace. He communicates His peace to the believer by the Spirit. In fact, one of the fruits of the Spirit is peace. So, how does the Lord communicate to us what is a right decision or not? Is it not the peace which He gives, confirming the decision to the heart? The believer is called upon to let the peace of God RULE in the heart, confirming His will and blessing.

The Promises For The Conquest

Always with the commands of God, come the promises of God's provision. Indeed, this is how God works to reveal Himself to us, and to make known His faithfulness. He bids us "walk on water," and then provides for doing so. Paul's words are so very clear on this matter: "Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it." This applies very aptly to the conquest in which the believer finds himself.

The Mystery Of God

What is a mystery, but that which is hid and not revealed. It is thus not understood. In the economy of God, His design, and wisdom, one of the greatest mysteries declared in the Old Testament, and realized on the day of Pentecost, just after Jesus' death and resurrection, was the outpouring of the Spirit upon all flesh, and the indwelling of the heart by the Spirit. Christ came to live in the heart and soul, forever to be one with the believer, and the believer with Him.

The Giver And The Gifts

That which makes the "gifts" of God to mankind so valuable, and worthy, is the ONE who is giving them. God always acts out of love in the giving of HIs gifts, especially the gift of His Son. Not only does He give all things with Him, but in sending Him to this earth to obtain redemption for us, He gave HIs Spirit to dwell in the heart. Not only would the Lord Jesus deal with all the sins of man by His sacrifice, but He would come to dwell in the heart by His Spirit. This is the greatest of Gift, Christ Himself.

The Day When The Wheels Came Off

It is not a good thing to fight against God. Pharaoh and his army did so, and they were destroyed. Saul of Tarsus, who would become, Paul the Apostle, fought against God, not realizing that he was doing so. In God's mercy, because he knew the heart of Saul, the Lord changed the heart of Saul from that of an enemy, to that of a most fruitful servant, through whom the blessing of God would span centuries, the lives of many multitudes being blessed.

Loving God

What does it mean to love God? Is it truly possible to love God? How can we love God? These are all questions concerning the greatest quest that mankind could ever pursue, for in this quest is revealed a beauty, and power of the Eternal Love, and that revealed in Christ. To love Christ is to be His, to live for Him, to abide in Him, and know the power of His indestructible, blessed eternal life.

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