Children of the Highest

Teachings on Christian character.

Run to Jesus

Along with Salvation come many benefits
When a person becomes Saved, Almighty God becomes that person's Heavenly Father
Our Heavenly Father loves us
Our Heavenly Father orders our steps in His word
Our Heavenly Father forgives our sins
Our Heavenly Father gives us a home in Heaven
Along with Salvation come so many other benefits

Blaming Somebody Else for Your Own Sin

Sin is rebellion against God.
Oftentimes we rebel against God by mistreating other human beings.
Sometimes we blame other people for our own sin.
Let's deal with the sin conditions that lurk in our own hearts.

What Is All The Fuss About Jesus

Millions of people around the world name and discuss Jesus Christ.
In some churches, great shouts of the name of Jesus ring out.
So many make so much fuss about Jesus Christ.
What is all this fuss about Jesus?

A New Heaven and A New Earth

The Holy God showed a Holy man visions of things to come.
The Holy man wrote what the Holy God showed him.
What the Holy man wrote is contained in the Holy Bible.
Let us read, hear and heed what the Holy God said.

His Own

The Lord Jesus Christ gave Himself for us all.
He used his own blood.
He washed us from our sins.

To All Nations and All People

To all nations.
To all people.
Praise the Lord.

Chapter 1 of the Gospel according to John

Chapter 1 of the Gospel according to John

Please Let Jesus Christ Come In

Are you a child of the King?
Is Jesus Christ your Savior?
Is Jesus Christ your Lord?
Are you working for Jesus Christ?
Is Jesus Christ working for you?
Is Jesus Christ your great High Priest?

You Can Come Just As You Are

Procrastination can have negative Eternal effects.
Have you considered accepting Jesus Christ but hesitated?
You can accept Jesus Christ right now.
Ask him to Save you right now.

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