The Importance of a Godly Presence

As a just judge, the LORD will not punish the righteous along with the wicked. Pastor Daryl explains how we are to trust and serve the LORD knowing that our presence is important in the world.

Waiting on God’s Promises

Our microwave society is so accustomed to immediate gratification that we often get frustrated with God when He doesn’t move fast enough for us. Pastor Daryl will explain how even though God’s calendar may not match our, God is still faithful.

Master Plan Unfolding

God can use the most unlikely means to fulfill His mission in the world. Pastor Daryl will explain how God called one man to trust Him in a most profound way to be a blessing to the world.

When Our Plans Don’t Succeed

Too often in life we make plans that either exclude God or goes directly against God’s plans. Pastor Daryl will explain that God is so serious about His mission in the world that God Himself will confuse and derail our plans when that get in His way.


Too often in today’s culture we forget that God is both holy in His Judgments and Faithful in His Promises of Deliverance. Pastor Daryl will explain how we are not to take God for granted because He is a righteous judge and remains faithful to His Word.

Acceptable Worship

Faith is our acceptable worship to God. True worship guards us from unchecked sin and its consequences. Pastor Daryl will explain how God desires true worship and gives warning of the dangers of unchecked sin.

The Fall

We see brokenness all around us everyday. This brokenness is ultimately a due to humanities broken relationship with God due to sin. Pastor Daryl will explain the source of this brokenness and God’s plan to restore and reconcile all things.

Crown of Creation

As the Crown of Creation, we are called to function under God’s perfect design. Pastor Daryl will explain how God created mankind to represent Him on the earth and to live in intimate fellowship with God.

Creator and Maker

The God who created all things from nothing is the same God who calls us to trust Him. Pastor Daryl will explain how we should worship the LORD as Creator and Maker of all and trust Him at His word.

Out of My Hands

We all know that old adage, “Patience is a virtue.” Pastor Daryl will explain how we should be patient as we wait upon the LORD, and not take matters into our own hands, knowing that God is faithful to bring about His promises.

kNOw Peace

Peace is not the absence of turmoil or chaos in our lives, but rather these things don’t have the final say in our lives. Pastor Daryl will explain how no matter what life throws at us, may we rest in the peace of Jesus Christ, knowing we have the victory in Him.

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