Maximizing Your Location

Too often we fail to appreciate where we are in our lives because we fail to recognize God’s mission in our lives. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl encourages us to maximize where God places us in life to fulfill His mission on the earth.

The Proper Response to Jesus’ Invitation

Jesus’s mission is to save and make new undeserving people. Today, by looking at the life of Zacchaeus, Pastor Daryl teaches that believers are to give glory to God by responding properly to the salvation Jesus has provided.

From Laughing to Leading

Our society is full of skeptics and those who mock the faith. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl shows us through the life of James, the brother of Jesus, that God is able to save and use even those who laughed and made fun of His Gospel.

Verified Faithfulness

Believers are to embrace opportunities to use whatever they have to serve and support God’s mission. Today Pastor Daryl looks at the ministry of Phoebe and how the church welcomes and assists all those serving in the ministry of the LORD.

Protection Against Doubt

Even when we do not understand what God is doing, Trust God all the more. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl examines the life and ministry of John the Baptist even when he wrestled with understanding the ministry of Jesus.

Zeal in the Right Direction

As we grow and mature in faith, we should grow in zeal for God’s mission. Today, Pastor Daryl teaches how Jesus used the Apostle Peter’s zeal for amazing Gospel influence in the early church.

The Challenge to Follow

Commitment to Jesus can cost one’s status and position in matters of the world. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl looks at the how Nicodemus learned that following Jesus is worth even losing your current position, social status, and entire lifestyle in this world.

Selfless Living

Believers should live selflessly toward others for kingdom advancement. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl looks at how Barnabas embraced opportunities to serve the mission of God and build up others around them.

From Foe to Follower

God saves and calls even the worst of mankind into His service. Today we learn from Pastor Daryl the lesson from the Apostle Paul’s life that believers should never think anyone is outside of God’s grace to save and use for His mission on earth.

Slow Start, Strong Finish

A early mistake in serving the LORD does not mean God cannot use you mightily for His glory. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl examines how even after Mark quite early on in the ministry, God used him in an awesome way.

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