Learning to Walk with God

Even when we don’t understand how God’s going to fulfill His mission in the world, trust Him still. Today, Pastor Daryl examines the life and growth in understanding of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Unimaginable, Inconvenient Faithfulness

Too often people respond to God based on convince. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl examines faithfulness of Joseph, the husband of Mary, when God called him to an unimaginable and inconvenient mission.

Breaking News: The Savior is Born

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but its significance is too often is misunderstood. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches that we are celebrating God’s faithfulness to His promises in sending a Savior to save us from our sins.


Everyone around us searches for identity. Whether it be race, culture, where they’re from, birthdate, what they do for a living, etc. Today, Pastor Daryl challenges us to embrace our identity in none other that Jesus Christ alone.

Count the Cost

It’s sad that many believe they’ll suffer loss if they follow Jesus. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches the cost of following Jesus, and the gain is much more than we could ever imagine.

Faith Expressed In Thanksgiving

We all know that a simple “Thank You” can go a long way. Today, Pastor Daryl teaches us how our faith in the Lord serves as a great expression of gratitude for His kindness towards us.

Maximizing What You’ve Been Given

The world around us promotes an attitude of more is better. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl encourages us to maximize all that the Lord has given us to the glory of His name.

Power to Witness

Too often believers do not share their faith in Jesus because they feel inadequate or unprepared. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches that believers lean on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to witness rather than our own self effort.

Gifted to Serve

No one in the church of Jesus Christ should feel as though they have nothing to offer. In this message, Pastor Daryl teaches on how the Holy Spirits gifts every believer to serve within the body to glorify God.

Walking Under the Influence

Our decisions and actions in life are all influenced by someone or something. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches that the most influential force in the life of believers is the Holy Spirit.

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