kNOw Peace

Peace is not the absence of turmoil or chaos in our lives, but rather these things don’t have the final say in our lives. Pastor Daryl will explain how no matter what life throws at us, may we rest in the peace of Jesus Christ, knowing we have the victory in Him.

His Joy My Strength

The Joy of the LORD is experienced in a restored and reconciled relationship with God. Pastor Daryl will explain how God’s joy is a state of delight and well being that results from knowing and serving God.

Love Supernatural

Loving others the way Jesus Christ loves looks very different than the love the world displays. Pastor Daryl will explain how followers of Jesus Christ are empowered to supernaturally love even those who seem unlovable.

Walking Test

No one can be led by the Spirit of God and be led by their fleshly desires at the same time. Pastor Daryl will explain how those who have been born of the Spirit of God are no longer ruled by the flesh, but rather bear the fruit of being led by the Holy Spirit.

The Joy of Contentment in God’s Provision

Knowing that God is our provider, believers are to rejoice and be content in all circumstances. Pastor Daryl will explain how believers are to have joy and contentment in God’s provision, as well as to participate and partner in God’s provision for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

The Joy of God’s Peace

The Bible gives the church ethical commands that reinforce unity and our experience of God’s peace. Pastor Daryl will explain how believers can experience God’s peace and unity in the church as we stand firm in the Lord.

A Tale of Two Paths

The Bible teaches that it is important for the spiritually mature to set a good example to follow. It is important for Christians to follow the example of those spiritually mature. Pastor Daryl will explain how believers are to trust God’s promise of eternal glory as they imitate spiritually mature examples and model the same behavior for others.

The Chase

Spiritual maturity for the Christian is living in the pursuit to know Christ fully in resurrection life. Pastor Daryl will explain how believers are to make knowing Jesus Christ fully in resurrection life their highest priority.

The Proper Confidence

The Christian’s confidence before God is found in Jesus alone, and in nothing we offer. Pastor Daryl will explain how the believer’s confidence in his or her right standing before God is grounded in the work of Jesus Christ and nothing else.

The Joy of Faithful Servant Relationships

Believers should joyfully value those that faithfully give of themselves for the Gospel. Pastor Daryl will explain how faithful servants of the Gospel are to be valued and honored by the church.

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