God's People God’s House

Too many people think of the church building as God’s house rather than the people. Today, Pastor Daryl teaches that the people are the church, the house of God because the Holy Spirit dwells within the church.

Test the Message

No one enjoys being deceived. Today, Pastor Daryl teaches us that Believers learn to love one another only as we discern between the message of the Holy Spirit and the spirit of deceit.

Divine Prayer Partner

We all know that there is strength in numbers, and this includes prayer. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches that even when we may feel alone in prayer, the Holy Spirit is our Divine Prayer Partner.

The Divine Teacher

Many people search for high quality education . Today, Pastor Daryl teaches on how the Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher for the people of God.

Inside Out

Just like caterpillars go through metamorphosis to become butterflies, so do believers. In this message, Pastor Daryl teaches on how every believer is being transformed from the inside out by the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Birth of the Church

Of all the holidays known to mankind, birthdays are probably the most celebrated of all. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches on the why the Church of Jesus Christ celebrates our birthday.

True Life’s Necessity

We all know that food, water and shelter are necessities for physical life, but many rarely think about what is actually necessary for eternal life. Today, Pastor Daryl teaches on the necessity of the Holy Spirit in receiving eternal life in Jesus.

God's Power

The world is impressed with and consumed with power. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches teaches on greatest power in existence, the Holy Spirit of God.

The Network

God’s network of ministry service motivates us to continue our faith and service to the LORD. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches us that we are to remember and be encouraged that we are all part of a grand network serving God’s mission.

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

Believers are to pray for God’s ministers to proclaim Christ everywhere. In this message, Pastor Daryl calls believers to pray for pastors, preachers and evangelists, as we all walk out a lifestyle of evangelism.

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