Work It Out Now

Believers are to stand out in the culture as demonstrating the truth of our salvation experience. Pastor Daryl discusses how by being empowered by the Holy Spirit, Believers are to collectively demonstrate the truth of our salvation as children of God in the midst of a dark world.

The Ultimate Act to Follow

Believers are to imitate Christ’s example of ultimate humility and servanthood. Pastor Daryl explains how the church of Jesus Christ’s unified and selfless attitude follows directly from imitating the example of the Lord Jesus Christ in His Incarnation and Work.

The Joy of Unity Displayed

Based on God’s work in the person of Jesus Christ, believers are to be unified of mind, harmonious and selfless. Pastor Daryl speaks about how we as believers are to be unified in our thinking as we seek the interests of others above our own interests.

Worthy Living #StandFirm

Living worthy of the Gospel is to stand firm in unity against opposition, prepared for Christ-like suffering. Pastor Daryl will explain that as believers, we are to focus on living out the Gospel in unity, knowing we will have opposition and may suffer for our testimony of Christ Jesus.

The Joy of Spreading the Good News

Even when faced with extreme adversity, believers are to take joy in spreading the Gospel. Pastor Daryl will discuss how every believer is to rejoice in serving their purpose in God’s mission, even when facing extreme adversity, knowing the truth of the Gospel wins.

The Joy of Christian Participation: Kingdom Building

God is working in the life of His local churches to participate in advancing the Gospel. Pastor Daryl will explain how believers allow God to work through them in their expression of love by supporting the spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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