Acknowledge Your Wounds

How do you handle your past pain and wounds? Where is there healing?

60 Men

How much of an impact can you have in this life? Listen to Robbie's story to hear how God can use us to bring others to himself.

You Are the Light of Christ

With times the way they are, how are you making the most of your opportunities to share Christ's love?


Do you know God? Do you know His son Jesus?

Marriage Testimony

This Every Man a Warrior testimony speaks to the importance of gaining wisdom in the area of marriage. Learning from God's word can make all the difference.

The Provider

In what ways are you providing for your family? Are you being financially responsible? Lonnie Berger offers some financial principles to help you get started.

The Affair

When it comes to infidelity, these things don't just happen. How do we safeguard against it?

The Right Tool

Are you searching for an effective men's ministry? Every Man a Warrior might be the tool you are looking for.

Cry Out

Who do you turn to during times of distress?

Handling Emotions

How do you handle your emotions? Do you even let yourself have them? Lonnie Berger talks about expressing healthy emotions in today's Every Man a Warrior Minute, and how pornography can cause issues.

Lets Talk Feelings

Bob's story tells us how smothering our feelings and turning to other things - like pornography - can damage us. What does God want us to do instead?

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