Seeking Approval

How do our expectations impact our kids?

Change Begins With You

What's the best way to make financial adjustments? Where do you begin? Lonnie Berger shares a good place to start in today's Every Man a Warrior Minute.

Building Opportunities

How do you react when you face problems with your kids? What does it mean to train them?

To Tithe or Not to Tithe

How are we to give? Is there a specific amount or percent that we have to adhere to? Lonnie Berger talks about tithing to the Lord in today's Every Man a Warrior Minute.

The First and Greatest

If you want to develop with God, what is the first thing you need to do? Lonnie Berger shares the answer in this edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".

Little Jimmy

Your words matter. How should you respond when your kids face hard times?

The Purpose of Suffering

When we suffer, what's the purpose? Is there one? Lonnie Berger talks about how God works in our lives through trials on today's Every Man a Warrior Minute.

Slow to Anger

How does your anger impact your relationship with your kids? What's the best way to relate to your kids?

Love Relationship With the Lord

How important is it to know your life has purpose and meaning? Lonnie Berger probes this question in today's episode of "Every Man a Warrior - Minute".

No One Knows the Future

God is committed to taking care of you, in good times and bad. Lonnie Berger gives a few reminders from scripture about trusting the Lord as we look towards an uncertain future.

When God Wants to Build a Man

When God takes away the things you've worked so hard for, how should you respond? In this edition of "Every Man A Warrior Minute", Lonnie Berger shares the story of Bob, who had to learn how to put God first.

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