Seeking Approval

How do our expectations impact our kids?

What is Prayer About?

What is prayer? How are we supposed to pray?

Radical Amputation

What does it mean to radically amputate when it comes to temptations?

Bickering and Strife

How do your children treat each other? Are you modeling what it means to be kind to one another?

Building Opportunities

How do you react when you face problems with your kids? What does it mean to train them?


TJ's story is all about what it means to be a husband, and how he learned to care for his wife. How are you learning how to be the best husband God wants you to be?

Little Jimmy

Your words matter. How should you respond when your kids face hard times?


In what ways are you wounded? How do we address our woundedness?

Slow to Anger

How does your anger impact your relationship with your kids? What's the best way to relate to your kids?

Leadship We Should Imitate

What does it mean to be a true spiritual leader?

Be Kind to Each Other

As a family, how should we treat each other?

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