Jose's story show's how God can change a life and the importance of relying on scripture for having success in marriage and building a family.

One-on-One Time

How important is it to spend time with your kids?

A Man of the Word

What Bible verses do you know about raising children? Lonnie Berger addresses the need to be Men of the Word as we raise our children.

Your Values CV

Will you allow suffering to change your life?

Love and Discipline

What's the most important thing taught in the scripture about raising children?

The Joy of Giving

How do you choose to use your money? Did you know this is a reflection of your maturity? Lonnie Berger talks about the "life that is truly life" in today's Every Man a Warrior minute.

Healing Our Hurts

Where do the lies we believe about ourselves and God come from? How can these wounds heal?

Responding to Hurthing

What do you say to someone who is hurting? How are we to respond?

He Didn't Talk About the Rules

Religion is about a set of rules, right? Well that's not what Jesus preached during his time on earth. Lonnie Berger talks about the greatest commandment in this edition of Every Man a Warrior.

Against All Hope CV

Do the times we live in have you feeling hopeless? Does God still fulfill His promises?

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