Fixer Upper

I'm not much of a "fixer-upper" when it comes to homes but thank God He doesn't feel that way about me.

Comfort in the Storm

Do you remember ever running to your parent's room during a thunderstorm?

In Remembrance of Me

What moments in your life do you consider sacred?

Have You Lost Your Mind?

When Jesus was doing the will of His Father, many of His friends and family initially thought He had lost His mind.

God's Invisible Qualities

When we look at creation, any of it, we are witnessing God's signature. His invisible qualities are on display.

Have Dominion

In Genesis, what does it mean that we are to "Have Dominion" over the rest of creation?

First Pick

Can you remember the last time you played a sport where you had to be picked by a team captain?

Good Enough

What does it look like to be "Good Enough" to get into Heaven?

Faith and Fear

Fear is a natural, chemical reaction in our brains. However, what helps us respond to fearful situations?

Delayed Blessings

Have you ever been in that place where you have to choose between what God has instructed you to do and what you think you should do?

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