Free Couch

Is it generosity to give away something useless, broken and unwanted?

Can't Take it With You

Are you prepared for the future? Not like retirement and savings, but your eternal future?

Do You Believe It?

The religious leaders of the time challenged Jesus to prove who He was. Do you need more proof? Or do you believe He is who He says He is?

Apple Trees

In the Bible, Jesus warns about false prophets who appear to have good intentions but are actually- really bad news. He uses a parable of good and bad trees, and He says by their fruit, we’ll recognize them. Our actions and our words are the fruit we produce to those around us.

Be Humble

What do you picture when you think of a humble person?

An Anchor for the Soul

In the chaotic waves of life- hold on to the promises of God as an anchor for your soul.


When your car's tires are out of alignment, they aren't pointed in the same direction. This can be very dangerous. What if your theology doesn't match up with Christ?


As the body of Christ, there is so much more we can accomplish together than alone.

Accomplishing Much Through Christ

How is the empowering feeling of swimming like following Christ?

A Slave or Free?

If you've accepted Christ as your savior- you are no longer a slave to sin- but are a free child of God.

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