The Correct Order

Being stable with our finances requires us to have our priorities in the correct order.


Do you have questions about your faith? Good! Bring them to God and ask the tough questions.

Look Where You Want to Go

In life and when riding a motorcycle, it's important to look where you want to go.


Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I wish things were how they used to be?"

Super You

Many of us only post the "Super Us" versions of ourselves on social media. But God loves you as you are today.

Life Unexpected

Life isn't perfect but God is never surprised by our situations and struggles.


Each of us leave our fingerprints in this world. A record of who we were and what we did. What kind of fingerprints will you leave?

A New Beginning

God could be telling you in this moment to get up and go forward with your dream.

Someone is Waiting

The omnipresence of our Heavenly Father is lived out through us as we allow His Spirit to guide our steps.


God created each of us with a purpose, know wherever you find yourself today, you are loved, and you are God’s masterpiece.

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