A Vaccine Against Death

While scientists may develop a vaccine or cure for the virus, no one can escape death…eventually. But what if there was something that could save you from death?

Who Holds Our Lives?

Do we really have the power to control our own lives? What happens when things don’t go according to our plan for our lives?

Joy and Peace Beyond Circumstances

In the midst of uncertainty, worry and despair, is it still possible to have a sense of joy and peace?

The Heart’s Immune System

Whether we catch the virus depends on our body’s immune system. However, the only way to have true victory over this and other future trials and troubles is to increase the immune system of the heart.

Forgiveness and Acceptance

No matter who you are, what your background is, and how you were like in the past, God offers forgiveness and acceptance, as well as hope, joy and peace to overcome trials and difficulties in life.

The Comforting Good News

During this period where bad news seems to be the only news every day, how about some comforting good news instead, for a change?

Peace in the Midst of a Crisis

When will this pandemic end? What else will tomorrow bring? Can one be truly at peace in the midst of a crisis, such as the one we are facing?

Facing the Darkness of Quarantine

The word ‘quarantine’ is a word heard very often these days. To some, it is a time of isolation, feeling ostracised, or even being discriminated against. What can bring light into these dark and difficult times?

Masks - Protection Against Fear and Anxiety?

During this time, many people wear masks to prevent transmission of the virus and protect themselves and others. But can a mask prevent transmission of fear and anxiety?

The Secret to Eternal Life

The fear of death and dying can lead people to do all kinds of things to avoid or delay it. Here’s the secret to eternal life…

The Best Gift of All

What do you give someone who is in hospital? A get-well card? Flowers? Fruit? Here’s a gift idea for the best gift of all…

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