20/20 Vision: Giving, Part 2

There is something in the human heart that is diminished by keeping but enlarged by giving. Our hand can only grasp on to life if we have released hold of the garbage of stuff. We cannot hold both together at the same time.

20/20 Vision: Giving, Part 1

Money is such a sensitive topic to teach on and there can be confusion and a lack of clarity. Jesus doesn't call for a monastic life, nor is he anti-treasure. He just encourages us to store up our treasure in heaven.

20/20 Vision Sunday, Part 2

Fat Christians are fed Christians who are not serving. Fit Christians are fed Christians who are serving. It's important that we exercise what God gives us through service, evangelism, and discipleship. Are you fat or fit?

20/20 Vision Sunday, Part 1

If your question is "What will be different after this?" we hope and pray that we will be different with a vision of God and his gospel. There's a personal transformation that takes place as we understand what church is and our part in it.

A New Year's Resolution

In this message we're looking at how to glorify God. Studying the end of John's gospel is a powerful way to end the year.

The Spirit of Christmas—Unity

There are moments when you gather together with family at the holidays when it's a little hard to get along. Unity in our spiritual families can be hard too. Especially in the last year, unity in the Christian community has been challenging. We need to remember that we're one in Christ.

The Spirit of Christmas—Joy, Part 2

Some people are happy no matter their circumstances. Paul was in prison, yet rejoicing. This joy is on offer for all of us. There is a real, accessible spiritual power that allows us to rejoice.

The Spirit of Christmas—Joy, Part 1

Joy can surprise us. When Paul was in prison, he was rejoicing. Joy is the gift of God for his people, but there is more to it than we think.

Songs of the Season—Simeon's Song

Simeon's message is quite a surprise. We are called to be involved in God's mission, and it's a very compelling and attractive call from Simeon to us.

Songs of the Season—The Angel's Song

How we need good news! There is so much bad news. At the same time, because we know we need good news, we must be discerning since there are all sorts of other messages out there that are not the good news we need. The Bible proclaims the true Good News, and we must grasp onto that.

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