Songs of the Season—Zechariah's Song, Part 2

Each step you take you enter into God's freedom. When you repent of your sins, get disciplined about reading the Bible, tell others about Jesus—you enter into that freedom. You're becoming who and what you were designed to be, until one day, there'll be no more night and God himself will be our light.

Songs of the Season—Zechariah's Song, Part 1

The secular culture is going beyond the idea of freedom—it's being able to do whatever you want whenever you want to. But it's utterly wrong-headed because what you want, desire, and feel is not necessarily what's good for you. Zechariah disbelieves the angel who comes to him and loses the ability to speak. After he regains the ability to speak, his song is about freedom.

Songs of the Season—Mary's Song

The nature of real, biblical worship is that it focuses on salvation. It's not about thanking God for how we feel or our good health or having enough money. Here we study Mary's joyful song of worship.

Songs of the Season—Isaiah's Song

In this song, Isaiah is talking about the coming of the kingdom of Christ, his birth and death and resurrection. He tells us about the final return of Christ that will bring everlasting shalom. All through this child.

Messiah—The Lord Will Arise Upon You

You now have a part to play in this story of the glory of God if you are a Christian. You are a part of the cosmic story of Christ's glory. If we follow Jesus, we are part of this great drama.

Messiah—Who Can Endure the Day of His Coming

When we look at the manger with the baby there, we have feelings of warmth and love. But we should also see fire that refines in his eyes. There is far more to Christmas than sentimentality.

Messiah—The Desire of All Nations

When he comes, there will be a shaking and peace will be granted. We think of babies as being sweet and helpless, but this baby born as King of all will shake the temple and bring about peace.

Messiah—Comfort, Comfort My People

We are all meant to be joyful at Christmas, but for some of us the pressure to be joyful makes us depressed instead. The message of comfort resonates so deeply at Christmas, and it is brought out so significantly in Handel's Messiah, which we will study in this series.

Simeon and Anna's Perspective on Christmas

Christmas always has a nostalgic feeling. There is both darkness and light. Simeon and Anna embrace Jesus as Lord and yet have their own struggles, which speaks to the human condition.

Mary's Perspective on Christmas, Part 2

God can take your issues, difficulties, and situations, and however hard they are, he can bring light to overcome the darkness. Here we see the extraordinary power of God at work in Mary as she faces a potential crisis situation and yet puts herself in a position to receive from God.

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