Confess, Part 2

Atonement is made at the point of confession. When we sin, grace abounds. Where we fail, mercy thrives. When we are broken, healing comes. God's grace and mercy comes to the point of our real need and brings healing.

Confess, Part 1

When you have a small god people look big. You fear being open about who you are because you care about what others think. The only way to have people be real about who they are is to have them be real about who God is. As you center your life on God, you find fulfillment, integrity, and authenticity.

Christ's Countercultural Church: A Better Mountain

Consumeristic Christianity finds people choosing a different church just because they don't like the music. When we talk about worship, our goal is to forget about the technicalities of music and actually worship God.

Christ's Countercultural Church: A Better Temple, Part 2

What do you think of when you think of church? Perhaps you just can't see that it's going to make any real difference in the world in the times we live in. Sometimes we compartmentalize God from the rest of our lives. But church is a mission to the world.

Christ's Countercultural Church: A Better Temple, Part 1

Some of you are disappointed by church. To be honest, you would rather play golf on Sunday morning. We all need to be called back to a vision of what the point of church is.

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