Washing dishes, folding clothes, cooking dinner, checking emails, and trying to keep sane above it all. The to do list can seem endless some days. We may not think we have time to sit and be still before the Lord. However, . . .


"Did you know that God was pleased when He created you, when you were born into this world?" Why would Dr. Peggy Banks, director of TWR's Women of Hope, be certain of this? Find out, in this edition of "1 Minute of Hope".


Is there something you've been carrying? The weight of it continues to get heavier as time goes by, but you can’t seem to put it down. Do you feel the heaviness in your shoulders and you’re tired. I want to encourage you to . . .


Lightening bolts can be fearsome, but have you realized they can also bring a sense of security and peace? How? Dr. Peggy Banks shares how in this short video "1 Minute of Hope".

Fear Not

What is making you fearful right now? Did you know you can do something about it? Dr. Peggy Banks offers help for you in this quick minute, bringing your hope if you watch the video.


Have you ever associated tenderness with thunder? Why would you? Actually, Dr. Peggy Banks has a very interesting association to bring forth for you in this week's edition of "1 Minute of Hope".


What are you believing to be your truth today? Does your truth come from God? What does it matter? Dr. Peggy Banks thinks it matters greatly and shares about truth in this episode of "1 Minute of Hope".

Hope Deferred

In the last few weeks I have felt very hopeless and helpless as I witness what is happening to my friends and family. Have you have felt the same way? Here's the simple thing I did that greatly helped.


Are you a thankful person? Do you have a "gratitude list"? Dr. Peggy Banks has some words of encouragement for you today in this edition of "1 Minute of Hope".


What can you do when you are in those scary, lonely, dark times of life? Dr. Peggy Banks has words of comfort and encouragement for you in this edition of "1 Minute of Hope", suggesting what you can do.


What are you thinking? Are your thoughts consuming you? Are you scared for your family? What can you do about it? Dr. Peggy Banks has great advice in this edition of "1 Minute of Hope".

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