Viral Encouragement

How contagious can you be as spreader of encouragement to those around you? Do you know ways of being an encouragement? Dr. Peggy Banks has a word of challenge for you in this special moment of Hope.

God's Plan

Do you ever feel like God must be blind, that He doesn't see the burdens weighing heavy on your heart? Dr. Peggy Banks has some words of encouragement for you in this edition of "! Minute of Hope" which reminds you that you are not alone.

Get Ahold of God

What is the real purpose of prayer? What did Moses do when he didn't know what to do next? Dr. Peggy Banks shares the answers in this encouraging video, "1 Minute of Hope".

God's Peace

How aware are you of all that you are currently grieving? While the list may be daunting, Dr. Peggy Banks shares what you can do with and about your grief in this episode of "1 Minute of Hope" which reminds you that you are not alone.

A Balanced Approach

What are you to do and who should you listen to about how to cope with the Coronavirus COVID - 19? Who is right? Dr. Peggy Banks has an interesting perspective based on what Nehemiah did a few years ago.

Love Calms The Heart

Are you in a "storm"? Dr. Peggy Banks refers to a quote from John Calvin in this episode of "1 Minute of Hope" which helps you through such a storm as this.

Trusting God

Ever wonder what you can learn about God from a bird? Dr. Peggy Banks shares some thoughts on this in this "1 Minute of Hope" episode.

God in History

Is God really in control like He is supposed to be? Is there real reason to fear and worry? Dr. Peggy Banks answers these vital and troubling questions in this edition of "1 Minute of Hope".


Are you in the middle of another terrifying storm of life? Would you like a comforting word from Jesus right now? Dr. Peggy Banks shares that word in this challenging yet calming "1 Minute of Hope" which reminds you that "you are not alone".

Honest Feelings

Is everyone really fine when asked how they are doing? How often do you say "I'm fine" when that is not quite true, or not at all true? Dr. Peggy Banks has a great suggestion for you to consider and implement in this edition of "1 Minute of Hope".


Is optimism the same as hope? Interesting question, but are you sure you know if there is any difference and if there is, what is it? Let Dr. Peggy Banks enlighten you today in this short video which reminds you that you are not alone.

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