Lesson 11: Grace

Jesus showed grace to those who believed him – we should show grace to others as Jesus did because we have been shown much grace!

Lesson 12: Obeying

Jesus commanded us to make disciples and teach them to obey everything he commanded; therefore, following Jesus will look like obedience. We are not only to obey God’s commands but love them.

Lesson 13: Missions

Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations and to pursue steadfast love, justice and righteousness on the earth. Missions is about righting what is unjust, especially those who do not know that salvation can be found in Jesus Christ.

Lesson 14: Money

Jesus taught many lessons on money, how we should use it, and the difference between trying to build God’s Kingdom and Our Kingdom with it. We can follow Jesus when we learn to spend, save and share the way Jesus taught us to.

Lesson 15: Feelings

Jesus felt anger, sadness, joy and frustration, but he didn’t allow himself to sin. Jesus shows us that our heart and body work together with our mind to obey all that God has commanded us – we don’t have to be ruled by our emotions.

Lesson 16: Words

Jesus taught us that what comes out of our mouths matters, and when we follow how he taught us to live, we must pay careful attention to our words, because our words have the power to help or harm others.

Giving Sounds Good

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