“I Will Come Again”

What three incredible things did Jesus disclose before His prayer recorded in John 17?

“Shut the Door”

"The Lord’s Prayer, as recorded in John 17, enables us to hear the heartbeat and feel the deep prayer concern between God the Son and God the Father. Our Great High Priest is also praying for . . ."


Did you know that both the ‘Lord’s Prayer’, as in John 17, and the ‘Family Prayer’, as in Matthew 6:19, give the same glory to the Father as to the Son?

The Lord’s Prayer for Us

Note: Only five of the verses were prayers around Him, in contrast to the twenty verses covering prayers for the Church (John 17:6-26). For example, . . .

The Priesthood of Believers

"The difference between a Prophet and a Priest, is in that of direction! The Prophet directs his words to . . ."

“Father, The Hour is Come”

"Many momentous hours have dawned on the dial of time, but none is more significant than the hour to which our Lord referred when He said: “Father, the hour is come” John 17:1. There have been significant historic . . ."

Live for the Glory of God

"Our Lord Jesus expressed the importance of the Glory of God: “Father, the hour is come; glorify Thy Son, that Thy Son also may glorify Thee. I have glorified Thee on the earth”. Man’s concept of . . ."

The Determination of Destiny

"The verification of the pivotal, “This Hour”, totally impacted the entire world throughout history when . . ."

Qualified to Redeem my Life

Do you know who is qualified to redeem your life?

Eternal Life in Christ Jesus

"This necessitates my response to His amazing offer of such a salvation!" What offer?

The Manifestation of God

"And, when God the Son revealed Himself and came into this world, He did not come as, ‘man trying to reach up—to discover God’. But instead . . ."

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