Kept through His Own Name

Do you know that "In Christ, you are very special and loved by God"?

Be Separated unto Him!

Do you know what true gladness is and how to have it?

Behind Enemy Lines

Did you know that The Lord also prayed for the believer’s protection against the pernicious personality of Satan?

Kept from the Evil One

Have you learned yet that after the victory of the cross, when the Lord ascended to heaven, each believer is meant to use their time in this world to rescue Satan’s captives?

So Send I You

Did you know you have marching orders?

Organic Unity in His Church

The world will never believe in the supernatural power of God through the Church until it sees a unity that is explained in terms of the power of God! Why not?

Nuggets and Pearls from John 17

In the hallowed presence of God the Son as He prayed to God the Father, amazingly, our beloved Lord Jesus Christ - the God-Man - made it possible for us to have such a living relationship and loving fellowship with Him! These seventeen daily devotionals from John chapter seventeen are taken from, "Nuggets and Pearls".

Yet Very much Land to be Possessed

Only by a personal understanding that we are co-crucified, co-risen and co-ascended in our victorious Lord Jesus Christ, will we be enabled to . . .

Under the Lord’s Authority

I once saw a bumper sticker on a car: ‘Resist all Authority’! Such resistance of authority is . . .

Almighty God is in Control!

"Years ago, while nursing at the China Inland Mission headquarters in Toronto, an old missionary shared the peace which God had given her in the ‘Boxer Revolution’. Villages were burned, people were killed and, facing her would-be killers, she calmly . . ."

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