Be Sober

A challgenge to approach trials with God on our heart and a commitment to not sin against Him--as Joseph did

Keep Hope Alive

While it's easy to stuff our pain--it's best to release it to God and keep our hope in Him alive

The Testing of Our Faith

Staying committed to Christ even through our trial will effect us tremendously

Don't Run - Stay the Course

Learning to process pain by first commiting it to God and then pressing forward to fulfil His plan for our lives


A challenge to humble ourselves - beginning with coming under God's authority

Growing Through Conflict

Understanding it's better to commit our will to God in order to have a part in fulfilling His Kingdom plan

Conflict - Don't Run

Choosing not to run away from conflict in relationships but rather focus on running to God who will refine us

God - Our Restorer

A call to return to Christ and know that a loving Father will restore our lives

Refreshed Day by Day

Knowing that we can maintain the character of Christ and stir one another on to good works

Guaranteed Success

God wants to use us to fulfil His agenda here on earth - learning to be attuned to His direction

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