Guaranteed Success

God wants to use us to fulfil His agenda here on earth - learning to be attuned to His direction

Airtight Prayer

Learning to prioritize our fellowship with God and depending on Him in every choice we make

Secure in God's Love

It is only as we develop our faith and trust in who God is, that we can rest securely in His care

Let God be God

Learning to not just exist but live victorious by walking with and relying upon God through our trials

When Faith Takes your thorugh Dry Places

Lessong through the life of Joseph on handling betrayals and false accusations as we go through life

Understanding Bling Faith

Following God and keeping your focus upon Him when your world is faling apart

Godly Correction

God holds the father responsible to teach, instruct, and develop Godly character in our children

A Father's Impact

Providing boundaries and structure for our children while not pleasant in the moment, will reap vast benefits

Blessing Your Children

Instructing, teaching, and developing the character of our children is critical for their lives

Parenting - a Joy and a Challenge

The impact of parenting is seen in every facet of life and especially critical for the furtherance of God's Kingdom

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