Psalm Eighty-Three

Psalm 83 can seem troubling because the writer, Asaph, is praying for the destruction of the enemies of the Jews.

Psalm Eighty-Two

Psalm 82 reads like a courtroom account in which God is bringing charges against the rulers of Israel.

Psalm Eighty-One

Psalm 81 begins with a call to worship God and continues with a reminder of what God has done for Israel.

Psalm Eighty Part Two

In the latter half of Psalm 80, the writer provides a history of Israel.

Psalm Eighty Part One

Psalm 80 is a prayer for the restoration of God's people.

Psalm Seventy-Nine

Bible commentators suggest that Psalm 79 is written about the destruction of Jerusalem.

Psalm Seventy-Eight Part Two

Psalm 78 is a teaching psalm with a call to remember God's works and to learn from the past.

Psalm Seventy-Eight Part One

Psalm 78 is a historical psalm in which the writer reflects on the great deeds of God.

Psalm Seventy-Seven Part Two

In the latter half of Psalm 77, Asaph reflects upon who God is.

Psalm Seventy-Seven Part One

The psalmist Asaph begins Psalm 77 with lamen

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