Psalm Twenty-Three

Psalm 23 is one of the best known and most loved of all psalms. It provides a beautiful image of God’s loving care for His people.

Psalm Twenty-Two Part Three

The conclusion of Psalm 22 predicts that the Messiah will one day rule over the nations. We can see this fulfilled in Jesus’ life after the resurrection, especially in the “Great Commission” mandate that he gave to his followers.

Psalm Twenty-Two Part Two

Psalm 22 accurately describes many details of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, yet it was written approximately 1000 years prior to that event.

Psalm Twenty-Two Part One

Psalm 22 is a Messianic psalm that accurately predicts the suffering of Jesus. Jesus spoke the first words of Psalm 22 when he was on the cross.

Psalm Twenty-One

Psalm 21 seems to pick up where Psalm 20 left off. It celebrates God’s power over His enemies.

Psalm Twenty

Psalm 20 was intended to be sung as a prayer for the king’s victory in battle.

Psalm Nineteen Part Two

At the end of Psalm 19, King David applies the two different types of revelation—general and special—to himself.

Psalm Nineteen Part One

Psalm 19 is divided into two parts. The first part expresses general revelation—the revelation of God through creation. The second part focuses on special revelation—the Holy Scriptures.

Psalm Eighteen Part Two

In the final verses of Psalm 18, King David emphasizes that God alone is Lord. His way is perfect.

Psalm Eighteen Part One

In Psalm 18 King David recounts both his many adversities and how God has delivered him from them.

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