Psalm Seventy-Six

After celebrating the defeat an enemy, the psalm writer calls upon the people to fear and be faithful to God.

Psalm 75

Psalm 75 is a psalm of faith in God's righteous judgments.

Psalm Seventy-Four Part Two

Psalm 74 teaches us that when we lament our present circumstances we should remember God's great works and turn to His Word.

Psalm Seventy-Four Part One

In Psalm 74, the writer laments the destruction of the Sanctuary.

Psalm Seventy-Three Part Two

The psalm writer—Asaph—had become envious of the wicked, however his perspective changed when he went into the Sanctuary.

Psalm Seventy-Three Part One

Psalm 73 is a psalm of Asaph—a temple worship leader.

Psalm Seventy-Two

Psalm 72 is a psalm of King Solomon.

Psalm Seventy-One Part Two

In the final verses of Psalm 71, we can learn that we will never out live our need to turn to the Lord in our difficulties.

Psalm Seventy-One Part One

The first verses in Psalm 71 teach us that trials will occur even in our old age.

Psalm Seventy

Psalm 70 is a psalm of David for the memorial offering.

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