God's Kingdom, Part 2

Sometimes the kingdom of God seems so small. What should we expect to happen when we pray, “Your kingdom come”? Pastor Colin talks about what will happen when God’s kingdom comes.

God's Kingdom, Part 1

What does it mean, in the Lord’s Prayer, when we pray “Your kingdom come”? Pastor Colin talks about the kingdom of God.

God's Name, Part 2

Why might you want to consider using the Lord’s Prayer when you pray? Pastor Colin talks about how the Lord’s Prayer will be answered here and now, AND later.

God's Name, Part 1

One day Jesus’ disciples asking Him to teach them how to pray. Pastor Colin talks about what we today call “The Lord’s Prayer.”

City, Part 2

Heaven will be even better than the Garden of Eden. Pastor Colin talks about four ways in which heaven will surpass anything that Adam and Eve experienced.

City, Part 1

Many Christians are confused about what heaven will be like. Pastor Colin talks about a picture from the Bible of a city that will help give you greater clarity.

Battle, Part 2

How can you stand, as a Christian, when a battle is raging all around you? Pastor Colin talks about six things that will help you stand.

Battle, Part 1

In order to engage properly in the battle that is raging all around you, you need to understand four things. Pastor Colin talks about what they are, from Ephesians 6.

Power, Part 2

How can you know more of the Holy Spirit in your life? Pastor Colin talks about the Day of Pentecost and two ways to get more of the Spirit.

Power, Part 1

What does it look like when a church is filled with the Spirit of God? Pastor Colin talks about 3 characteristics.

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