A Ministry Energized by the Gospel, Part 1

How can you fulfill your purpose in life? How can we effectively fulfill the purpose that God has given to us? Effective service for Christ begins with knowing your gifts.

A Mind Transformed by the Gospel, Part 2

Your mind is being renewed by the gospel. Does that mean all you need to do is pray about something, and God will tell you exactly what to do?

A Mind Transformed by the Gospel, Part 1

You want to offer yourself, without condition or reservation, to Jesus Christ. But there’s just one problem: How do you know what God wants you to do? How do you know what the will of God is?

A Life Dedicated to the Gospel, Part 2

What should be our response to the gospel? What is the appropriate response to the good news of Jesus Christ? Should we “accept” it? That sounds a little passive, doesn’t it? Should we “believe” it? Yes, but is that all we should do?

A Life Dedicated to the Gospel, Part 1

Before you can know what a proper response to the gospel looks like, you have to know what the gospel is. Join us as we briefly walk through the book of Romans together to discover the gospel message.

Rejoicing or Troubled?

The story of the wise men shows us 3 different reactions to Jesus. Pastor Colin helps you discern which of these reactions best describes where you are today.

Hidden Hatred in the Human Heart, Part 2

Are you angry with God? So were the people from Jesus’ home town of Nazareth. The consequences for them were disastrous. But they don’t have to be for you. Pastor Colin talks about the cure for our anger.

Hidden Hatred in the Human Heart, Part 1

When Jesus came to his hometown, to the people who knew him the best, they were amazed by his gracious words.

The Meaning of Grace, Part 2

The first impression people had of Jesus could be summed up by the word “grace.” Pastor Colin talks about what separates Jesus from other religious leaders.

The Meaning of Grace, Part 1

When people heard Jesus speak for the very first time, one thing was immediately obvious to them. Pastor Colin talks about people’s first impression of Jesus.

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