Final Security, Part 2

What will happen if you commit everything in your life to Jesus Christ? Pastor Colin talks about the freedom of total commitment to Christ.

Final Security, Part 1

The Apostle Paul was able to say, “I have committed everything to Christ.” Can you say that? Pastor Colin talks about how to get started.

Supreme Competence, Part 2

Christian faith is primarily about a relationship with a person. Pastor Colin talks about what makes Christian faith different from morality, spirituality, and Bible study.

Supreme Competence, Part 1

At its core, Christian faith is focused on a person. Pastor Colin talks about the language of biblical faith.

Complete Freedom, Part 2

How do you define yourself? Pastor Colin talks about three unhelpful but common ways people define themselves, and one very productive way you can define yourself.

Complete Freedom, Part 1

How do you live in a world where you don’t know what tomorrow will bring? Pastor Colin looks at 2 Timothy 1:12 through the eyes of Timothy and Paul.

Prayer and Praise, Part 2

You don’t have to be calm, confident, and clear-minded before you can pray. Pastor Colin talks about how prayer, faith, and hope can be restored while you are grieving.

Prayer and Praise, Part 1

If only there was someone who could know the extent of my grief and sorrow. Have you ever said or thought this? Pastor Colin talks about the Counselor who can.

Hope and Healing, Part 2

Heaven is very wonderful, but it is likely a long way away from what a grieving person is facing. Pastor Colin talks about where grieving people find hope.

Hope and Healing, Part 1

Why is your hope sometimes stronger and at other times weaker as you walk through the valley of grief? Pastor Colin talks about how to grieve with hope.

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