Why Jesus Came, Part 2

You’ve heard the good news of Jesus Christ. But have you recognized your own need? Have you drawn near to Christ?

Why Jesus Came, Part 1

Church was part of your life growing up, but it never really made much difference. Pastor Colin talks about how Jesus Christ changes all that. Put the Bible in his hands, and through him it becomes God’s word of hope for you today.

David's Story, Part 2

David’s victory over Goliath led the people of God to crown him King. David had many successes, but he also had his share of failures. God’s people needed a greater king than David.

David's Story, Part 1

Perhaps you’ve accomplished great things in business, or in some other area of life. The most important thing about you, in the end, will not be your achievements; but your relationship to Jesus Christ.

Adam's Story

Trace a problem back to its root, and it often takes you down a long, winding road. When the Bible traces the problem of death back to its root, it takes us to the failure of one man.

Abraham's Story

Abraham experienced God’s blessing during his lifetime, including a son in his old age, and a pair of grandchildren. But he was still waiting for God’s promise when he died.

Gabriel's Story

People who find it difficult to believe in Jesus Christ without first-hand evidence sometimes say, “If only an angel would appear to me, then I’d believe.” Pastor Colin talks about what difference that would really make.

Herod's Story

Ever think about the legacy you’ll leave behind? Discover how one man’s legacy was turned upside-down in an instant, when he came face-to-face with the Son of God.

Joseph's Story, Part 2

Christmas is more than just a sentimental story. The story of Christmas is about how God stepped into human history. Find out what this greatest of miracles means for you.

Joseph's Story, Part 1

You find the virgin birth difficult to believe… Well, how do you think it was for Joseph, Mary’s husband? Hear from the man who had a ringside seat for the greatest event in the history of the universe.

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