Show Grace, Part 2

If God gave you the opportunity to get even with a person who’s caused you great difficulty, what would you do? Pastor Colin talks about how David showed grace.

Show Grace, Part 1

If you feel like you’re the only one who has problems with your in-laws, you might be surprised by what the Bible says. Pastor Colin talks about King Saul and his family dynamics.

Speak Truth, Part 2

God uses three alarm clocks to wake His people up to their sins. Pastor Colin talks about each one.

Speak Truth, Part 1

You’re going to come across people who make life very difficult for you. The question is: How are you going to deal with them? Pastor Colin talks about the very difficult: King Saul.

Stay Loyal, Part 2

How can we learn to be loyal, even to difficult people in our lives? Pastor Colin talks about how David was loyal to Saul.

Stay Loyal, Part 1

If you press hard enough, God will give you what you want. Pastor Colin talks about how disastrous this can be, from the story of Israel in the Old Testament.

The Love of God, Part 2

God’s love is poured out into the hearts of every believer. So, how can you receive more of God’s love?

The Love of God, Part 1

What is God’s love like? Is it like an insect’s love? An animal’s love? A person’s love?

The Fear of God, Part 2

What is the fear of God? And how does it arise from God’s love?

The Fear of God, Part 1

Many people think we’ve progressed from a primitive view of a god to be feared, to a more enlightened view of a god to be loved. Find out why this is a complete misunderstanding of the Bible.

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