The Gospel Sets You Free, Part 1

When the message of the church is “Your sins are forgiven, and your future in heaven is secured for you by grace,” doesn’t that give people a license to sin? Pastor Colin talks about the surprising message and effect of the gospel.

The Gospel Gives You the Spirit, Part 2

Many people today are doing their best to try and follow God’s commands and do what’s right. Maybe you’re one of them. But Pastor Colin talks about how the law can actually lead you away from Christ!

The Gospel Gives You the Spirit, Part 1

Many people are convinced that God’s grace brought them into the Christian life, and that it’s their works that keep them in. Pastor Colin talks about what the gospel actually says about finding and keeping favor with God.

The Gospel Is Worth Defending, Part 2

The good news of Jesus Christ is wonderfully attractive to you, but there’s also something in you that would rather earn His favor, not receive it. Pastor Colin talks about why this approach will always fail with God.

The Gospel Is Worth Defending, Part 1

Every church has its own treasured heritage, and that’s important. But Pastor Colin talks about how in one church, this heritage became more important than the gospel message. Discover how that can happen in your church.

The Gospel Is from God, Part 2

Some people think Paul “invented” the message of the Gospel. Other people think it was probably handed down to us by church “tradition.” Pastor Colin talks about where it actually came from.

The Gospel Is from God, Part 1

Where did the message of Christianity come from? Was it “invented” by Paul or some other early church leader? Or was it “handed down” to us by church tradition? Find out the surprising answer.

Rescued Forever, Part 2

How do you know that God loves you? Pastor Colin shows us how to answer this question, especially when we feel condemned by others, by our own hearts, or by Satan.

Rescued Forever, Part 1

Do you feel that your future with God is hanging in the balance? Pastor Colin talks about what God says to every believer, and how your uncertainty about this will undermine your experience of his love.

Rescued from Frustration, Part 2

What comes to mind when you think about heaven? Pastor Colin explains, from the Bible, that the picture you have in your mind of heaven will actually shape the way you live.

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