Your Struggle for Purity, Part 1

Some would say that they’ve never really struggled with the 7th commandment: You shall not commit adultery, but Jesus made it very clear that this issue of purity includes even our thoughts. Find out where the door of hope is… even when your purity has been compromised.

Your Struggle for Peace, Part 2

If you go through your whole life and never commit a murder, does that mean you’ve kept God’s command: You shall not murder? Discover the applications Jesus made from the sixth commandment.

Your Struggle for Peace, Part 1

Ever wonder why so many people who follow the command: You shall not murder, still feel that it’s ok to harm animals and eat meat? Why is this command applied only to people and not also to animals, which are part of God’s creation?

Your Struggle with Authority, Part 2

Some parents aren’t worthy of honor. But God commands us to “honor” our father and mother. So how do you honor a parent (or anyone else) who’s exercised authority over you in an unworthy manner?

Your Struggle with Authority, Part 1

The fourth commandment would be easy if it said, “Honor your father and mother if they are honorable.” But it doesn’t actually say that. God does not give us the luxury of choosing who we should honor.

Your Struggle with Time, Part 2

Is your plate full? Does it feel like you’re only one step away from disaster? God has some practical advice for you, and it begins with understanding why He made the heavens and the earth in six days.

Your Struggle with Time, Part 1

Is “time” one of the biggest struggles of your life? How do you decide your priorities? What can you leave undone? How do you balance all the responsibilities of life?

Your Struggle with Religion, Part 2

According to The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, the most common use of the name “Jesus,” is as a vulgarity. Secondly, it is an exclamation expressing surprise, impatience, etc. The name of Jesus can also be used to refer to the founder of Christianity. Find out God’s answer to this.

Your Struggle with Religion, Part 1

The first commandment says, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.” If this was just about swearing, it might make us wonder why God would include it in the 10 commandments. Find out what it means and why it’s so important.

Your Struggle with Worship, Part 2

If you’re saying to yourself: “The 2nd commandment is a breeze for me—I don’t own any totem poles.” Remember, idolatry isn’t limited to worshiping statues. Discover the many different disguises that idolatry can wear.

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