The Ways We See Jesus

The ways in which we recognize Jesus are as diverse as we are.

But What About Those Hypocrites?

Each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.

When You Can't See, God Does

Do you look at the world around you and fear for the future of yourself, your children or your grandchildren?

Your Poor Brother

The scriptures are very clear that the poor are our family and our responsibility.

The Value of Lost Treasure

You may see yourself with little or great importance, but God sees you as infinitely valuable.

What You Can Do in Suffering

God's apparent slowness to end hardship is a merciful patience.

When You're Facing Giant Problems

We do need help with big problems and God fights with and for us so that we can testify to His deliverance.

The Way to a Life of Refreshment

So often, however we think of repentance as something we do only after we've blown it.

God Uses Real People Like Us

The Bible shows us that God can use each of us, flaws and all.

Do You Need to Turn Off the Noise?

In this hyper-connected world, we may need to turn off the noise.

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