Who Has Authority To Take A Life

The Bible command against murder reminds us that all life is sacred.

How to Face the Unexpected

When your plans are upset, you are not adrift or forgotten by God.

There's a Unique Purpose for Your Life

What does it look like to have a calling?

How to Reroute When You're Off Track

The good news -- no, the great news -- is that God knows we will need to reroute on our spiritual journeys to the heart of God.

Keep Hanging On Through Depression

Discover how God cares for depressed people in the Bible.

The Profound Mystery of Marriage

We look to God's love for the church as the perfect design for marriage.

Here's How to Interpret and Apply Scripture

Who has the authority to interpret and apply scripture?

You Are God's Artwork

God's work in our lives is always with a holy design.

God's Provision in Your Pain

The purpose in the pain that God allows is nothing short of revelation of Jesus Christ Himself.

Learn How to Pour Out Your Heart

You can share your rawest thoughts with God.

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