Why Isn't God Answering ?

God is at work even when our prayers seem unanswered.

Who is the Good Lord?

God does not treat people like slaves, so why do we call Him our Lord?

Retracing Painful Steps

Elijah's story sounds almost mythical, but we have the same tools and the same God that he did.

You Were Meant to Be a Mirror

When we don't do life in relationship with other Jesus-followers, we miss the growth, health and love God intended for us to receive.

There is a Refuge in the Day of Trouble

God is our refuge in every struggle.

Three Ways to Be More Humble

Humility is the essential understanding that we are not God.

Discover the Lifestyle That is Free and Light

A life lived in relationship to God, through Jesus, is the lightest and freest way of life.

Four Pieces of Advice on Living with Purpose

David was full of triumph and failure, just like us.

Would Jesus Flip a Table at Your Church?

The gospel is free, and to market it like a product is wrong.

Three Obstacles to Faith

How can we grow in faith when our natural inclination is to resist?

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