A Call to Reluctant Leaders

Do not think that your inadequacies disqualify you for leadership.

How to View God Clearly

What you believe about God affects many aspects of your life.

Do Not Make "Sorry" the Hardest Word

Acknowledging your fault is the first step to reversing your past.

Why Will Jesus Come to Earth Twice?

What is happening in the time between Jesus' first coming and the anticipated second coming?

Discover How Reconciliation is Possible

The cross of Jesus Christ says there is healing for all.

Was Jesus God and Man at the Same Time?

The Bible describes that Jesus was God and human at the same time.

The Virtue of Forgetting the Past

Don't emphasize the past more than is necessary.

One Way in Which We are Like God

As creations of God, we long to be in fellowship with Him.

3 Ways to Respond to Setbacks

When your path is obstructed, rest in God's plan.

3 Incredible Declarations of Faith

Follow Christ wherever He leads, even into danger!

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