We Can Only Enter Heaven as Ourselves

God calls us to be the one thing that we are each perfectly suited to be: ourselves.

Let's Think About Heaven

Think much about heaven?

How to Live a Life of Discernment

A life of spiritual discernment is one that navigates choices from love for Jesus rather than a knowledge base.

Can't People Just Get It Right?

A Jesus-follower's life should be marked with grace-giving, even when flawed people rub us wrong.

The Interrupted Path to Your Real Life

As we simply go about our lives, God intervenes to bring His miraculous purposes through what we might call "interruptions."

Grieving is the Path of Comfort

When tragedy strikes, there are 3 simple practices based on the words of Jesus, which can help.

Wrestling with the Secrets of God

We do not have to understand the mysteries of God but we are responsible for obeying what God has revealed to us.

Life on Loan

The life lived richly toward God stores up treasures that can never be lost.

That Time Jesus Said, "Don't Cry"

Luke's story of the widow and her son reveals that God hears and, deeply moved by compassion, enters into the lives of men and women with healing.

You Can Pray "No Plan B Prayers"

Have you desperately prayed about something for which there was absolutely, positively no Plan B?

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