Good News for People Who Hate Camping

If our bodies are currently torn tents, what we've been promised is a solid home.

You've Got Enemies

Spiritual growth is a day-by-day battle that's won with the Holy Spirit and God's Word.

Letting Go of Your Wayward One

You can trust God with your wayward one and with your broken heart.

Is There a Moral Obligation to Break Immoral Laws?

Obeying God's laws can mean disobeying the government.

Rocking Chair Prayer

When we watch and wait with Jesus in prayer, we can be refreshed, just as if we were rocking and relaxing.

Singing Psalms in Every Situation

The Psalms of the Bible were originally songs, which you can still sing!

Best Friends Forever or ... Maybe No

Need a friend today? Be a friend!

Love Brings Salvation to Sinners

God chose to vanquish sin through the power of love.

The Final Commandment to Love

Through love, obeying the law is not drudgery.

Who is With You in Disaster?

King Hezekiah's faith did not allow him to be discouraged even under siege by evil.

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