Should You Follow God Blindly?

Faith is the practice of submitting and accepting even without full understanding.

Store Your Sanity Where It Can't Be Lost

How can we ground ourselves when our minds are shaken?

The Secret to Caring for Others

A compassionate life is one that has been touched by God's love and surrendered to the Holy Spirit.

You Can Raise Kids That Follow Christ

Discover two principles that can point your kids toward Christ.

Who Will Feed the Back Row?

Each follower of Jesus Christ is responsible for those who have not heard.

What Do Love and Extremism Have in Common?

Being a disciple of Jesus should look extreme to those around us.

How to Wash Someone's Feet

Serving others is a lifestyle, not an isolated event.

How Do We Die to Ourselves?

Dying to self means submitting to God's control in your life.

2 Ways to Engage with a Needy World

God's call to meet the needs of the poor is a mandate.

God Wants Your Lifestyle to Reflect Him

What does it mean to glorify God in everything that we do?

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