A New Way to Think About Brokenness

God has made a way, through Jesus, to redeem and bring new life from our personal brokenness.

Jesus Welcomes Curiosity

It is God's Spirit who leads us into becoming children of God.

Much More Than Living Forever

But knowing God, not just living forever, is how the Bible defines eternal life.

You Can Love the Life You Never Wanted

God's presence is always present in all that God allows in the life of a follower.

Is This As Good As It Gets?

Nothing we can do in life, apart from Jesus, will bring lasting meaning to our lives.

Escape from the Chains of Bitterness

You can trust those who are wronged you to the sure justice of God who says, “I will repay.”

You Have What It Takes

God’s Spirit will enable you to fulfill God’s call in your life.

You Were Meant for More

Death and decay aren’t God’s plan for you or for this world.

Does God Hear Me the First Time I Pray?

There are times when we need to prevail in prayer, asking God to do what is in agreement with His character and with His will revealed in Scripture.

The God of Surprise Endings

God hears and answers prayer even when we can’t see Him at work.

The Living Book of the Living God

You and I don't have to wait until crisis hits to discover that the Bible is different than any other book.

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