You Can Nurture Your Child's Spirit

Guide your children with intention to prepare them for their own mature decision making.

What Does It Mean That God is Supreme?

An unfathomably large God cares for your smallest needs.

Stop Making Money Your God

Are you a slave to your things? Begin a journey to freedom today.

The One Thing Worth Being Concerned About

Jesus said that there is only one thing that is really important in life.

3 Ways God Encourages the Downtrodden

God provides multiple sources of encouragement in the scriptures for those who feel spiritually stuck.

Should We Challenge Ungodly Culture?

Our response to culture should be the same response that Jesus has toward us.

How to Meditate on Scripture

Discover some tools for affective engagement with scripture.

What Does It Mean That Scripture is Living?

The Holy Spirit works through scripture to speak to us individually.

There is a Hope That Does Not Disappoint

What gives you hope in life?

You Can Experience God's Glory

We come to know God’s glory in Jesus by spending time with Him, which changes us!

The Surrendered Way to a Life of Peace

On the other side of surrender to God there is a lightness and a quietness to His work in our lives, so unlike our frantic ways.

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