When Hurt, We Speak from the Heart

How can we avoid gossip when we feel hurt?

Had a Good Laugh Lately?

Laughter is one of the ways that He intended for us to reset our spirits and even our physical bodies too.

Where to Find the Presence of God

If you're not feeling God's presence, you might need to adjust your eyesight.

The Powerful Force of Community Prayer

We need to reanimate the practice of praying together.

Can I Pray an Angry Prayer?

Take your hardest feelings to God instead of taking them out on your enemies.

What to Do With Unfinished Business

It's more than safe to surrender your unrealized dreams to what God has for your life today.

There is Hope for Another in Your Valley

God is concerned about your pain in your valley, but the fruit of the valley you're walking through now was never meant just for you.

Learning to Listen to Pain

Pain is a mechanism that draws our attention to what is urgent.

God Wants to See You Grow

God values the process of growth, and that includes meaningful growth in our lives.

You Are God's Co-Worker

Jesus Follower, you are God's co-worker in His purpose this very day!

God is the Perfect Parent

Believe it or not, God's parenting skills covers all the needs in our lives!

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