God in the Valley of the Shadow

God's presence is with us, even in our fear of the unknown.

The Best Way to Begin and End Every Day

Will you give God the first and last word of your every day?

Never Be Alone Again

The presence of Jesus is personal to us, today.

Are You a Super-Fan of Jesus Christ

Following Jesus starts with copying Him.

You were Meant for More

God gives us things to use and to even enjoy. But we aren't to be absorbed by them.

What is a Marriage Covenant

In the Bible, a marriage covenant goes beyond a regular agreement.

5 Ways to Honor Agreements in Relationships

Do you view your commitments to friends and family as sacred covenants?

Love is Not Like Cake

One aspect of navigating friendships in adulthood.

Stop Living Like a Prisoner

Jesus paid our debt, so we are no longer condemned under the law.

Keep On

Keep moving even when you're up against failure.

Discover God's Unusual Leadership Program

A good leader practices waiting on God.

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