Do You Love Jesus?

When we actually follow Jesus in a life of obedience, we find and come to love, Jesus Himself.

In the Darkest Night of the Soul

Jesus follower, though you sit in death's shadow, His presence and the resurrection promise of the coming morning is always sure.

The Restorative Pattern of 6 and 1

It's past time to obey God by appreciating the first gift He ever gave to man--the gift of rest.

God Doesn't Answer Complaints

Thanksgiving makes all the difference between complaining and telling God our concerns.

Are You Praying "Greyhound Prayers?"

The Holy Spirit was given to help us when we get discouraged in prayer.

Is the Future Bright?

God's promises are sure and the future is bright.

Why Your Best Effort Falls Short

We're blessed when we are realistic about our spiritual poverty and stay firmly connected to Jesus.

It's All in Your Head

A prayer for transformation of your mind is a prayer He will answer.

Living the Whatever Life

The "Whatever Life" acknowledges the difficulties, rejoices in the sovereignty and power of Jesus available to us and then, the "Whatever Life" stays on mission, no matter what!

Preparing for Difficulty

Getting to know God and His Word better, as well as getting to know ourselves better are the keys to being prepared for life's difficulties.

No Performance Necessary

While we value God's gift of Jesus and God's love, we can rest in His presence.

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