Why the Gospel is Different

God's loving offer of grace makes possible a relationship between us and God, and that is what sets the gospel apart from every other spiritual practice or religion.

When Sleep Does Not Come

God never sleeps. He will keep me and hold me this night and far beyond.

Self Help for People Who Aren't Jesus

Don't attempt more than God has asked of you.

How To Correct a Lying Child

Do not use Jesus to shame your children into correct behavior.

The Dishonor of Divided Love

Dividing love is a sin that dishonors God's image in others.

Do You Have Faith Like a Child?

What does it look like to become like little child that Jesus said was the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

The Light That Darkness Can Never Extinguish

Jesus offers once and for all rescue from darkness.

When Hurt, We Speak from the Heart

How can we avoid gossip when we feel hurt?

Had a Good Laugh Lately?

Laughter is one of the ways that He intended for us to reset our spirits and even our physical bodies too.

Where to Find the Presence of God

If you're not feeling God's presence, you might need to adjust your eyesight.

The Powerful Force of Community Prayer

We need to reanimate the practice of praying together.

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