Barzillai: The Man Who Missed His Crown

A look at the life of Barzillai, a man who was loyal and generous to David during national crisis, but unwilling to go with David as an advisor after the war was won.

Ecclesiastes: Chasing the Wind

What are we to make of the story of Solomon’s futile search for life’s fulfillment apart from God’s leading and blessing? In this study, Dr. John Phillips brings forth deep truths of Solomon search.

Redeemed: By Christ Alone

Presents picture of the awesome Son, who by Himself purged our sins

The Judgment Seat of Jacob

A preview of the Judgment Seat of Christ and how rewards or loss of rewards are determined.

The Lord Strong and Mighty (Psa. 24)

Historical background of the Psalm; The setting: from creation to the gates of glory. King of Glory magnified; Marks of the redeemed

What Paul Says About Christ

Sermon on the Sovereignty of Christ and His rule over the church.

Enoch: A Testimony of Faithfulness

View of the world in Enoch's day;likeness to our day. Warning of approaching Day of Judgment.

Jabez: God Knows His Own Sheep By Name

Significance of the name and the heart’s desire of Jabez, and God’s response

The Lord is My Shepherd

The secret of a happy life; secret of a happy death; secret of a happy eternity

Seven Changes of the Resurrection Body

Wonderful external changes for the redeemed

The Five Miracles of Calvary

Describes the miracles and related details

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