The Gospel According to Paul (Romans)

Survey of Romans

David and Jonathan

Jonathan’s demonstration of his fidelity to, and love for David; yet he could not break the yoke with this father

Elijah: What to Do With a Dead Son

How Elijah, the prophet, trusted God in every calamity of life and death

Jonah: The Greatest Missionary Enterprise

Saga of a preacher commissioned by God to witness to his nations’ most despised enemy. His resistance, then compliance with the Lord’s command. Marvelous salvation for an entire city.

Jacob: Chosen by God

The long process whereby a thief became a prince with God

Revelation - The Last Days

A survey of the Book of Revelation and its relation to the end time events.

Job: His Trial, His Triumph

Job’s response to the criticisms of men; his complaints to God and self-justification; the Lord’s interrogation of Job; Job’s humiliation before God; his renewed blessings

Exodus: A Book of Redemption

Story of the deliverance and redemption of God’s people, the Jews

David's Three Wise Men

When Absalom sought to overthrow the throne, his father, David fled Jerusalem. But at his request, three loyal friends remained as conspirators and thus helped defeat the rebellion

David: Before and After Bathsheba

A look at David's life as he was crowned king, won every battle, commanded total respect and affection in the kingdom. He prospered in all he did until he fell prey to immorality.

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