Christ, the God-Man

An examination of the Deity and humanity of Christ

Genesis: A Survey

Description of incredible creation; story of beginnings; the human family and the Hebrew family particular focus on Joseph, the Old Testament person most like Jesus in the New Testament

The Coronation of the King

A look at the Throne of God and end time events.

The End Times

The prophecy of end times, in regard to Israel, as prophesied by Ezekiel.

Esther, The Relunctant Witness

Esther’s heart-wrenching decision that could have cost her life, yet it saved the lives of all the Jews.

Israel: God's Timepiece

Description of end-times as they relate to the Jewish nation

Micahl: David’s Wife

The saga of a woman, disloyal to her husband David, but always loyal to her father, King Saul.

There They Crucified Him

A biblical examination of the crucifixion of Christ on the darkest day of human history


Grandson of wicked King Saul, permanently crippled in both feet as devoted nurse fled with him to a remote and barren region. Found after many years and brought to David who lavished mercy and kindness on him. Picture of grace.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

An explanation of three-fold ministry of the Holy Spirit in relation to the world and the believer. What is "the Baptism of the Holy Spirit"? Listen in as Dr. John Phillips explains this important ministry is and brings clarity of understanding.

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