TWR 2023 Advent Prayer Guide

More than 3 billion people live with little or no access to the good news that Jesus came to earth for them. In this prayer guide we focus on just a few of these unreached people groups and how God is stirring among them. The work of reaching billions starts on our knees. Join us as we consider and pray for these people for whom Christ came and …read more

TWR The Gift Of The Gospel

Do you know how to talk to someone about Jesus? This Christmas is a great time to share about the Christ child who didn't stay a baby. Listen to many ways to share in this special Christmas production by TWR missionary Andy Napier, host of "Footsteps"

Grieving At Christmas

Is it okay to grieve at Christmas? Christmas is a time of joy and celebration of the birth of Jesus, but not everyone feels joyous or like celebrating. But is it okay to grieve at Christmas? Listen to find out the answer.

The Christmas Story

Where do you find hope? Have you learned yet you can find hope in the Christmas story? Listen to Tammy and Carol in this edition of "Women of Hope" (a production of TWR) to learn how.

The Birth of Jesus (1)

Did you know that the Creator God is among us? How did this happen? When did this happen? Listen to this TWR production to find out.

The birth of Jesus (2)

Christmas is a festive season that is celebrated around the world, but do you know that its roots lie in a true story that happened 2000 years ago? (Did You Know?" is a production of TWR)

No Hay for the Manger

Missionary Gloria Carmain tells us a Christmas story from China. ("Footsteps" is a production of TWR, hosted by Andy Napier)

The Christ of Christmas

Since Christmas sneaks up on us each year, consider this: "How should a Christian celebrate Christmas?" How intentional are you at Christmas? How should/could you do things differently this year at Christmas? Dr, James Montgomery Boice is Denny Milgate's guest on this program and gives timeless food for thought. ("A Firsthand Conversation with" hosted by Denny Milgate, is a TWR production)

How Could a Virgin Be a Mother?

While some people say it's impossible, how was Jesus born without an earthly father? ("Truth in the Test Tube" is a production of TWR)

Christmas / Prince of Peace

Do you lack true peace? Listen to the Christmas story and learn how you can finally have true peace in your life. (TWR Women of Hope's radio program, hosted by Carol and Tammy, is a production of TWR)

Giving Sounds Good

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