The First Coming of Jesus - 4

Israel and Satan have been identified in Revelation 12, but who is the angel covered the mercy seat? Bob Griggs shares the answer in this edition of "Bread of Life".

The First Coming of Jesus - 3

Who is the great red dragon in Revelation 12?

The First Coming of Jesus - 2

Who was the great woman spoken of in Revelation 12? Who was the serpent?

The First Coming of Jesus

A dragon, a woman, and a baby? What does that have to do with Christmas?

A Grain of Wheat

What does a grain of wheat have to do with Jesus?

What You Give

"The Lord knows what you give to the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ." Why does that matter?


They had religion but they rejected Jesus. Who? Why is that a big problem for them?

Hypocrites - 3

What further reasons did Jesus give the religious leaders for calling them hypocrites?

Hypocrites - 2

How can leading the blind be a bad or wrong thing?


Why would Jesus pronounce woes upon the religious leaders?

Disobedient Teachers Rebuked by Jesus

How might you be like one of the pharisees?

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