The First Advent - 7

More reasons are given why the shepherds were the first folks told about Jesus, such as . . .

The First Advent - 6

Of all the options, why were the shepherds the first ones told of the birth of the Savior?

The First Advent - 5

How would God pull off getting Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem?

The First Advent - 4

What did Joseph do when he woke up from sleeping?

The First Advent - 3

His fiance was pregnant and he knew it wasn't by him. How did he handle it?

The First Advent - 2

God came to earth, but why? How?

The First Advent - 1

Why is Jesus considered to be "love"?

Blessings - Part 5

How is Jesus the blessing providing salvation for you?

Blessings - Part 4

What difference did it make that the baby of the manger at Christmas grew up?

Blessings - Part 3

What benefits come to those who fear the Lord?

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