How Did He Know All About Her?

What amazed the woman when she talked with a stranger?

An Offer Offered to You

The God of the Universe has an offer for you, but you have to ask for it? What is the offer?

A Divine Appointment with God

She didn't understand who it was she was talking with until . . .

Come See the Man

Turning; trusting, telling. Why and what?

Two Proofs

What are two proofs that Jesus is the Living Water?

The Gift of God

Do you know what the gift of God is?

Pour It or Drink It?

Should you, would you drink the water or follow instructions to abundant water?

Noon at the Well

She was sad, broken and ashamed, but . . .

Living Water

Are you thirsty for more life, real life?

What Now?

Grief overwhelmed them as their hope was dead. Or was it?

The Perfect Reward

What five points can be found in John 3:16?

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