See the Son!

See the Son! Why? Who, which son?

The Problem, the Power and the Promise

What is the problem addressed by Jesus? What is the power and what is the promise Jesus made?

I Am the Bread of Life

What is the revelation Jesus gave to His listeners? What does that mean? What is the requirement?

Are You Lost? - 3

Who is Jesus seeking? Why is Jesus seeking them?

Are You Lost? - 2

What is the purpose for which you were born?

Are You Lost?

Many do not understand what is really meant by the simple question, "Are you lost?". So what is really meant?

The Book, Belief and the Blessing

What is it that believing a particular book leads to blessing?

Whoever Hears!

Whoever hears what? And what attitude must the hearer have?

Become - To Resemble

Believe - To Relate

Bow - To Receive

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