God is With You in It

Thank God in your suffering because he hears your every prayer. He’s making you more like Christ, and this momentary affliction is achieving for you an eternal glory that far outweighs the pain and inconvenience of it all.

Celebrate God's Power in Trials

Reject every thought about feeling ashamed of being weak. When you do, each trial will become a blessing in your life.

White-Water God

When you encounter in nature the untamed power of your almighty God, you are in for the ride of your life!

Filled With Praise

When you are pleased with God, God is pleased.

Holy Lamenting

Don’t move away from God, move toward him. Don’t turn your back on God, face him. It’s the biblical and constructive way to resolve your anger.

A Bible Verse for the Weary Christian

No matter what battle you’re facing today, take heart - heaven is just on the horizon.

Turn the World Upside Down

Wherever the Lord places you, continue to talk about Jesus to any and everyone. The Holy Spirit will do the follow-up for you.

Lift Up the Needs of Our Country

Remember, take heart; there is no place where God is not at work, yes, even at political conventions. God bless you as you pray for the needs of the country.

Ken's Excessive Love

Hear Joni reflect on being married 42 beautiful years to Ken.


Volunteer today and see God do the impossible at a Family Retreat in the U.S. or overseas! Sign up at joniradio.org - it will change your life!

All to Him I Owe

In this program, Joni encourages you to hum a hymn because there are people around you who may need a refreshing word or song.

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