Questions About God

Is there a God? If there is a God, how many are there? How do you know that God exists? Can we see Him? Who made God? Is God male or female? Do Christians worship three Gods? Do God create everything?

More Questions About God

Does God know what I do in the dark? Can a person hide from God? Where is God? If we cannot see Him, how do we know where He is? Does God know who I am? Do you think God cares about me?

Questions About Jesus

Who is Jesus? Is Jesus God? How could Jesus be God if he was a man? If Jesus is God, how many Gods are there? Was Jesus born of a virgin? How could it be possible for Jesus to be born of a virgin? Can the virgin help me if I pray to her?

More Questions About Jesus

Why did Jesus die on the cross? Is it a myth that Jesus rose from the dead? Will Jesus forgive really big sins? Does Jesus know who I am? Does He really care about me?

Questions about Prayer

What is prayer? Which god should I pray to? I think prayer is just a superstitious left-over from a long time ago when people believed in gods and fairies and witches. I do not believe there is a God and prayer is simply people talking to themselves. How can enlightened people believe there is a God who hears our prayers?

Talking to God

When is the best time to pray? Why should I pray more than once each day? Should I pray short or long prayers? Why do people say “Amen” at the close of a prayer? In the prayer you prayed at the beginning of this program you said “In Jesus’ name.” What did you mean by that? What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name?

Prayer can Change Your Life

I’m not sure prayer changes anything. Can you tell me how prayer can change my life? Does God hear the pray of every person? Someone told me that God only hears the prayers of certain people. Are there any conditions to being heard by God when we pray?

How to Pray

Do I need to have a set time to pray? I do not know how to talk to God. What do I say? How do I go about it? What should I thank God for? Is there a need to ask forgiveness for sins every day?

The Way to Heaven

You said the program was about the way to heaven. I am quite happy with my life the way it is here on earth. I have no need to think about heaven. Why is the way to heaven important? I believe there are many ways to God. In fact, I believe there are many gods and that they offer many ways to heaven. Why do you say Jesus the only way to God?

Sin and Its Remedy

What is sin? I’m confused. Exactly what are sins of omission? Why is it wrong not to do something? How many sins are there? Is everybody a sinner? I don’t understand how you can say that even young people and good people are sinners. How can that be?

Who is Jesus?

Did Jesus claim to be God? Did Jesus ever sin? Is it true that Jesus died for our sins? How could this be true? I thought salvation was for the Jews. I thought Jesus came for the Jewish people and that He died for them. Is this true? Did Jesus come to life again after His death? I do not believe any person can be resurrected from the dead. When you are dead, you are dead. There is no coming back.

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