Soaring Like Eagles

We can learn from the way a mother eagle treats her baby eaglets, how God treats us, his children.

Baby Routine / Depending on God

Listen how one mother established a routine for caring for her baby. We can depend on God just like a baby depends on parents.

Bonding with Baby / Teach by Example

It's important for parents to bond with their babies. Children are a gift. God can help you be the mom or dad you need to be.

Family Communication

Family Communication / Giving Children Wings

A strong, healthy relationship with our children is important. We need to teach them to trust God as they grow up.

What I Learned from my Mother

We asked some adult daughters what they learned from their mothers as they were growing up. Listen to the interesting things they shared!

Caring for Our Children / Jesus Cares for You

We can help our children as they face difficulties at school. In God's Word we read that Jesus told us not to worry about food or clothes or the cares of tomorrow. He made us, he loves us and will provide what we need.

A Child's Beginning / Praying for your Children

It's good to know what to expect as our children develop. And it's really important to pray for our children as they are growing up!

A Woman of Dignity

When you look in the mirror you see your appearance. What are you like on the inside? What do others see, and what do they hear when you speak?

Stuttering / What's in your Heart?

Find out about stuttering. What causes it and how we can help someone who stutters?

Protecting Your Back / We Are One in Christ

It's good to protect your back when doing hard work like lifting heavy loads. The Bible says we should do our work as well as we can to please God.

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