Disability / God's Healing

Listen to advise on how to treat people with disabilities respectfully. God wants us to trust him with whatever he has given us in life, even if we don't understand his plans.

Too Much Sugar / Faithfulness

Your mouth may like sugar but too much is not good for you. We have to train our mouths to like better food. And, we need to train ourselves to do the things that need hard work.

The Tongue / Hurt or Heal

Learn about the functions and basic care of the tongue, especially when it’s damaged. We can use our tongue to say hurtful things or helpful things. Jesus will give us the strength to ‘tame the tongue’ if we ask him.

Raising Happy Children / Giver of Life

Did you know there are positive things we can do as parents to bring confidence, love and happiness into our homes? Our children are a gift from God that should be nurtured and cherished.

Sexual Morality

It’s so good to know that you and your partner belong only to each other. Sex is an important bond in a marriage that shouldn’t be shared with others. Listen to what God's Word teaches about sexual relationships.

A Woman of Dignity

When you look in the mirror you see your appearance. What are you like on the inside? What do others see, and what do they hear when you speak?

Budgeting / Biblical Thinking about Money

Did you know that God’s word has a lot to say about our attitudes to money? We need to understand that everything we have comes from God.

Learning Disabilities Part 4 / Faith

This program is the conclusion of a series on learning disabilities. Our children are special to us and important to God!

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