Longing for a Baby / Abraham's Call

Do you know someone who is longing to have a baby, but sadly cannot conceive? The Bible tells of a couple who God promised would have children, but they remained childless for years. Find out how God was faithful to his promises.

Basic Eye Care / Jesus Heals Bartimaeus

Taking care of your eyes is important. Bartimaeus was a blind man who called to Jesus for help. Jesus showed compassion on him and rewarded his faith by healing him.

Self-Esteem / Jesus's View of Women

As a woman it's good to understand how to have a healthy view of yourself. Do you know how Jesus saw women? He broke some rules of his culture as he showed that women are important to him.

Gambling Part 2 / A Paralyzed Man

You can help a person with an addiction like gambling. The friends of a paralyzed man helped him in his time of need. Jesus healed the man because of his friends' faith.

Coping with Fear

How can we learn to cope with fear? God's word tells us not to be afraid but to put our trust in him.

Massage / Jesus' Touch

The touch of massage gives comfort to children, older people and other family members. Have you ever thought how it would be to have Jesus touch you?

Friendships / The Easter Story

How do you make friends? Did you know that God wants to be friends with you? Listen to this program that includes the real story of Easter.

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