Protecting Your Back / We Are One in Christ

It's good to protect your back when doing hard work like lifting heavy loads. The Bible says we should do our work as well as we can to please God.

Helping the Homeless / Hana Ananda

Hear about two women who help the homeless. Our love for God should affect how we love and give to others.

Mediation / Jesus' Ascension

How can you help people resolve their quarrels? Did you know that Jesus is alive and speaks to God on your behalf?

CPR / Jesus the Savior

Do you know how to save a life with CPR? Did you know that Jesus came to save you?

Roles of Mothers

Here's a look at being a mother at various stages in life. Motherhood is a special privilege given to us by our creator, God

Love Languages / Quality Time

People have different ways of showing and receiving love. One way is through giving the gift of quality time. Even Jesus used this love language!

The Dangers of Abortion / God Values Each Person

Listen to the story of a woman who made a dreadful decision. It's important to remember that we are precious from conception, known and loved by God.

Autism and God's Comfort

June tells how her faith in God gave her strength and comfort through the heartbreaking trial of her son's autism.

Early Education / Giving Children Roots

Did you know that by the age of four a child has developed half their adult intelligence? The learning habits they develop will be influenced by those they spend their time with.

Words that Build Up

We all need to hear words that encourage us, that build us up and make us feel loved. Listen to tips on how to make those around you feel appreciated.

The Story of Easter as Told by John

Listen to the story of Easter as told by John, a disciple of Jesus. It is the most important story in the world, and it's true.

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