Satan's Attack from Within

In what ways does Satan attack God's people from within? The late Pastor Chuck Smith shares on this in this edition of "The Word for Today".

The Workers of theWall

What does Satan like to use against workers of God?

The Date of Nehemiah's Writing

Nehemiah was born in captivity, and had not seen Jerusalem or the temple. So why was he so torn up about the report is was in disarray?

The Second Return to Jerusalem

Why did the king respond so favorably to Ezra's request to go to Jerusalem?

The Northern Kingdom

If the Jews had nothing to do with Samaritans, why did Jesus say they will be witnesses to the Samaritans? Where can God be worshiped?

The Levitical Priesthood

Does God need help in financing His work?

The Decree of Cyrus

Who came up with the decree of Cyrus? How was King Cyrus the Lord's servant?

The Wickedness of Manasseh

If you think Manasseh was a good man, you will learn much in today's study of the man who ordered someone to be sawed in two.

A Prayer of Hezekiah

"He cried all night long". Who? Why? What was the final result? How do you know the "will of God"? Listen to Chuck Smith teach today's study in "The Word for Today" and learn the answers.

The Rite of Purification

How was the rite of purification mentioned in Paul's life, while the study is from 2 Chronicles? Chuck Smith explains how in this edition of "The Word for Today".

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