A Prayer of Hezekiah

"He cried all night long". Who? Why? What was the final result? How do you know the "will of God"? Listen to Chuck Smith teach today's study in "The Word for Today" and learn the answers.

The Rite of Purification

How was the rite of purification mentioned in Paul's life, while the study is from 2 Chronicles? Chuck Smith explains how in this edition of "The Word for Today".

The Reign of Hezekiah

Why was God full of wrath towards the people? Chuck Smith looks into this in this edition of "The Word for Today".

The Deteriorization of Israel

"The deodorization of the nation before its destruction" is part of the study in this edition of "The Word for Today" with Chuck Smith.

Amaziah and the Man of God

How is it that smart people, even kings, can make stupid decisions and take stupid actions?

King Ahaziah

Have you ever heard of a 7 year old king? Who was Zechariah?

Putting the Enemy to Confusion

"Did you get hit?" What can God do?

The Greatness of God

What was so special about a prayer?

The Reign of Jehoshaphat

Jehoshaphat was a pretty good, righteous king except for his . . .

A Heart Towards God

Do you know what God wants to do for you?

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