Saul and the Witch of Endor

Are there witches in the Bible? How does King Saul illustrate many mixed-up people today? In today's episode of "The Word for Today", the late pastor, Chuck Smith, answers these questions and more.

Saul Persuing David

"What have I done?" Have you ever asked that? Which Biblical character often asked that? Listen to this edition of "The Word for Today" by the late pastor, Chuck Smith, to about this man and how God dealt with him.

David in the Wilderness of Ziph

Two warriors sneak into the enemy camp, right up to the where the leader was sleeping and . . .

David in Engedi

Why wouldn't David take the opportunity to kill his enemy? Which is correct: we are sinners because we sin or we sin because we are sinners? The late pastor, Chuck Smith shares the answer in this episode of "The Word for Today".

Human Need Trumping the Law

Was it wrong for the priest to give the sacred bread to David and his men? Listen to the late pastor, Chuck Smith, share the answer in this study in 1 Samuel 21 on "The Word for Today".

Saul's Attempts to Kill David

Why would a king try to kill a harpist?

Saul and the Philistines

How did it come about that little David was to fight the giant Goliah?

A Characteristic of God

Can God change His mind?

A Pattern of Disobedience

What happened? He started out so well, but what happened to cause him to fall so hard?

The Sin of Prayerlessness

Are you sinning and not aware of it? You could be. How? Listen to the late pastor, Chuck Smith and learn how in this edition of "The word for Today".

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